MDM Master Class (Australia, NZ, India)

This 90 minute Live Master Class on Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management (MDM) is probably the most innovative and pragmatic Master Class on MDM available today.
In this Master Class, John Owens, the creator of the Integrated Modelling Method (IMM) introduces and expands on the thinking and techniques of Multi-Dimensional MDM, a radically new and completely innovative approach to Master Data Management that avoids all of the pitfalls and misconceptions that brings immense clarity to this subject.Buy Now

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Product Description

This 90 minute Live Master Class presents a new and innovative approach to Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management (MDM) that will enable to start implementing innovative new MDM solutions in your enterprise.

It provides a clear definition for Master Data and shows how it fits into and is related to the overall picture of enterprise data.

It then goes on to describe in detail the four Major Master Data Entities of Product, Party, Location and Asset.

It clarifies the confusion that surrounds misused terms like ‘Customer’, ‘Supplier’, ‘Agent’, etc. in the world of MDM
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