MDM Online Training Course: Module 3 – Location

This online training course is the third module in the series of four on Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management (MDM).

It describes how to identify, model and manage the Master Entity of Location – not just simple street addresses but all of the types of location that most enterprises need to be able to manage in order to operate effectively.

Multi-Dimensional MDM is all about getting MDM to bring real business benefits to the enterprise.
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The approach taken to Location is very powerful and offers enterprises almost infinite flexibility in the way they manage this vital Master Entity.

It dispels the myth and mispractice of modelling ‘Address’ an attribute of ‘Customer‘ and shows how‘Address’ is actually a Master Data entity in its own right, and more correctly called ‘Location’.

It demonstrates how Location can appear in many formats from a standard street address to raw geographic coordinates and shows how to select and model Location in ways that are best for your industry and enterprise.

After you purchase this MDM course module, you will receive a link to a downloadable file that gives full details on how to access the module.

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