MDM Online Training Course: Module 1 – Product

This module introduces you to the overall concepts of Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management (MDM), a unique approach to MDM developed by John Owens, the creator of IMM, the Integrated Modelling Method.


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Product Description

Having laid a solid foundation with the concepts of Multi-Dimensional (MDM) it then goes on to describe in detail how to identify and model the Master Data Entity Product, which is the Master Data Entity that generate all revenue for the enterprise.  It does this in a way that will enable you to bring real power and benefits to Product MDM in your enterprise.It covers the full spectrum of Products, from raw materials, component products, retail products, wholesale products, bundled products through to marketing products.

The course is structured and presented in a way that makes it ideal for both novice and expert alike as it.

After you purchase this MDM course module, you will receive a link to a downloadable file that gives full details on how to access the module.