Business Function Modelling Book

Business Function Modelling

This ebook is essential reading for ALL Business Analysts who want to take the enterprise to where it ought to be in a fraction of the time of other modeling techniques.
Business Functions are the core business activities of every enterprise and the basis foir all other business activity.
Business Function Modeling is the foundation and cornerstone for all other business modeling, including Business Process Modelling and Data Modeling.
Product Description

The Business Function Model PDF Book is by far the most powerful tool for all professional business analysts and business modellers who want to play at the top of their game.
This Business Function Model (BFM) is the foundation on which all other business models are built, including Process Models, Procedure Models, Information Flow Models and Data Models.
The BFM allows the business analyst to unambiguously define WHAT it is that the enterprise OUGHT to be doing. It is the only model that enables the Future State of the business to be modelled straightaway WITHOUT having to go through the expense, pain and waste of modelling ‘As-Is’ Business Processes.
When business models are not based on the BFM then, sadly, they lack integrity.
If you want to be able to realise real business benefits from all Business Systems Development, Business Process Modeling, BPI, BPM and BPR projects, then this book is a “must have”.
This book describes in detail how to carry out all of the stages of building high-quality, complete and robust Business Function Models at an accelerated pace.
It tells you:

  • Where to start and who to interview.
  • How to carry out strategic interviews with the most senior executives in any enterprise.
  • The eight key questions to ask that will enable you to extract all the information you need to model the enterprise.
  • How to extract business functions from transcripts of these interviews in order to build a complete Business Function Model for all part of an enterprise of any size and in any business sector.
  • How to extract all of the other relevant key business drivers from strategy interview transcripts, including:
    1. Business Aims and Objectives
    2. SWOT (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
    3. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
    4. Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
  • How to run detailed modelling workshops with middle managers.
  • How to structure and tune the Business Function Model

If you want to give yourself access to what is perhaps the most powerful business modelling technique around today, then buy and study this book in detail.
The book also contains a complete set of challenging exercises, together with fully detailed solutions that reveal some of the key approaches and thinking habits that will enable you to take your business analysis and modelling skills and practice to a whole new level.
This digital book comes in the form of a printable PDF file.

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