Speaking Events

Below is a list of some of John’s International Speaking Engagements.

ITEE University of Queensland, Australia

itee05-450w-300x225Following his talk at the Asia Pacific Data Quality Congress in Melbourne, John was extend an invitation to speak at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) in Brisbane by Professor Shazia Sadiq.
Subject of Talk: The DNA of Data Quality
As the date of this talk fell just 5 days after the PPDM Symposium in Perth, John took the opportunity to reveal The DNA of Data to an audience outside of the Oil & Gas E&P world for the first time. The ITEE audience was made up of research students, alumni, members of the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and data quality specialists from industries as diverse as telcos and mining.
The talk was very well received and was followed by an enthusiastic question and answer session.

PPDM Symposium, Perth, Australia

ppdm-symposium-combined-300x211 PPDM Symposia are a major event in the calendar for those professionals responsible for data quality in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production sector. John has an association with this industry that stretches back over 25 years to a time when, with a colleague Nicholas Hann, he created the NAM Information Atlas, which is, perhaps, the most complete model of the Oil and Gas E&P sector that has ever been produced.
Subject of Talk: The DNA of Data Quality
In this talk John offered a completely innovative insight to the origin the data quality problems that plague Oil & Gas E&P and every other industry around the globe. Using the simple, yet powerful, structures of the DNA double helix as an example, he revealed how the introduction of commercial computerisation had removed critical information structures from the heart of enterprise and how this has a continuing negative impact on both data and information quality worldwide. More importantly, he demonstrated how this these critical structures could once again be put back at the core of the enterprise and the associated problems removed.

APAC MDM and Data Governance Summit, Sydney

apac-mdm-dg-speakers-hz-combined-300x199 This Summit brings together a truly international panel of speakers, vendors and master practitioners in the world of Master Data Management (MDM).
Subject of Talk: Multi-Dimensional Master MDM
John took this opportunity to introduce this specialist audience to his highly innovative and effective method for identifying and modelling the Master Data Entities of any enterprise of any size in any sector, which he calls Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management (MDM).
His talk was extremely well received by this international audience;  the majority of delegate feedback rated his talk as “excellent” and he was ranked in the top three speakers.

Asia Pacific Data Quality Congress in Melbourne

dqap-300x155 This congress was run by the Asia Pacific International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and aimed at professionals from all industry sectors who want to bring the best of data quality to all that they do in their industries.  It is also the Congress where awards for outstanding performance in the field of  Data Quality are presented to enterprises who are judged by the IAIDQ to have contributed something very special to Data Quality in the preceding year.
Subject of Talk: Data Has No Intrinsic Value.
In this talk John explains, contrary to what many data professionals believe, that data has no intrinsic value; that it is only of value to any enterprise when it supports the effective execution of the Business Functions of that enterprise.  He then goes on to demonstrate how by knowing this that enterprise can be very clear about what data is useful and what data is not.
This innovative talk was very well received by this audience of data professionals from all across Asia Pacific region.

Otago Chamber of Commerce, Dunedin, New Zealand

john-speaking-otago-320w-300x127 As well as doing international keynote talks, John loves to do talks for small local enterprises and share with them a range of key ‘big business’ thinking and techniques that will enable them grow.
Subject of Talk: Step Into the Future Today
In this talk to an audience of comprising local business people and people from tertiary educational institutions in the city, John explained how enterprises of any size can accelerate their journey to a success future by adopting an innovative approach that enables them to structure themselves and their information systems in ways that will enable accelerated, unlimited and sustainable growth.