IMM Method

The Integrated Modeling Method (IMM) is the only truly integrated business modeling method.

IMM achieves this integration because it puts the Function Model at the heart of the business. All other models can (and should) be derived from the Function Model.
Start getting the benefits of the Integrated Modelling Method today.

Corporate Benefits:

  • Faster development times.
  • No wasted models.
  • No missing functions or processes.
  • Integrated solutions
  • Higher quality information from higher quality databases.
  • Lower development and maintenance costs
Benefits for Consultants & Analysts:

  • Clear starting point and road map for success
  • A model for each facet of the business
  • Step-by-step approach adaptable to suit both novice and guru
  • Check lists to ensure that nothing is missed

IMM is essential for all serious practitioners of Business Process Management (BPM) or Re-Engineering (BPR), Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM).
The Integrated Modelling Method has been adopted by Otago University and Otago Polytechnic, two of New Zealand’s leading academic institutions.