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Delivering the POWER of Address Use to the Business Through MDM

In this post, I’m going to talk to you about the POWER of and element called Address Use from my technique of Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management.
As I said in my previous post, it’s essential that ALL of your Master Data Management projects and activities drive real, commercial business benefits to the enterprise. If they don’t, they’re just intellectual exercises.

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If you’re starting an MDM project, then you’re going to find it much easier to get buy-in from senior management if you can show real business benefits. It’ll also make you think more clearly for yourself about what these benefits are. Believe me, if you do Master Data Management properly there are always significant benefits.
Address Exists in Its Own Right
In my technique of Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management, Address is treated quite differently. In the traditional approach, Address is usually embedded in operational systems as part of ‘Customer’ or as part of ‘Supplier’ or as part of ‘Employee’, etc.
Well, Address actually exists in its own right. It is something that is made use of by a Party. The Party could be an individual or a commercial enterprise. So, you might have an individual living at an Address or a commercial enterprise operating from an Address.
Address Use for an Individual
Link from Party to Address = Address Use
If we look at this first slide above you’ll see that this link between Party (in this case and Individual) and Address – this is the Address Use, which shows that the individual ‘lives at’ or ‘works at’ or has ‘previously lived at’.
Address Use for an Enterprise
Address Use for an Enterprise
The same is true for enterprises. If we look at that diagram above, you’ll see that an enterprise might use an Address as a ‘Head office‘, or a ‘Despatch depot‘, a ‘Regional office‘, a ‘High street store‘, etc.
One Address Many Uses
Address Use is very powerful because a Party can make many uses of an Address and an Address can be used by many parties, as shown on the following slide.
Address used by many Parties and Parties using Addresses
For example, if we take the Address ’25 High Street’, it could be that it used by ABC Cleaning as their ‘Head office‘. It could also be used by Elite Printers as a ‘Despatch depot‘. The IRS might have their ‘Regional office‘ there. ABC Cleaning also makes a second use of it as their ‘High street outlet‘.  To bring real power to the business, it’s very important that each of these Address Uses recorded separately because it could be that ABC Cleaning might move their head office, away from 25 High St and that Address Use would cease, but they might still operate their high street store here.
So, Address Use is extremely powerful and I will talk much more about it in my Multi-Dimensional MDM Master Class that I’m running on 25th-26th of April 2017. In this Master Class I’m going to talk about and expand on Address itself and talk about Location, which encompasses much more than Address alone.
Location – MORE Than an Address
For example, depending on your business, there are Locations that you might need to know about, and which don’t have a street address. For example, some businesses might need to know about Locations on which no buildings have yet been erected. If you’re construction company and you’re going to build houses you need to be able to get to site and know where it is. If they are going to put in the infrastructure, for example, electricity companies, sewage companies or water companies, need to be able to find their way to these Locations.
Locations that are NOT street addresses
Then there are also Locations on large manufacturing sites that might not have street addresses. For example, a petrochemical company might have a distillation plant or a workshop or head office or fire department, these are Locations that need to be able to be uniquely identified in some way so that people can get to them. Not just the people who work on the plant, it could be you have to call services from outside, for example, the fire or ambulance services, so as they can turn up and everybody can get to the right place at the right time.
Then there could be high rise multi-use buildings. How do you ‘Address’ those? Or remote rural Locations, for example, where you could have a telephone box in a remote area, how do you Address that? Or an electricity substation that you need to be able to get to, or a reservoir and many, many more. I’ll cover these in much more detail in the Multi-Dimensional Master Data Management Master Class, on 25th and 26th of April.
MDM Master Class
I’m doing two sessions that will suit a lot of different time zones round the globe on those two days. Pick the one that suits you best. It’s only $27 to enrol, but I guarantee you’ll get a really good return on your investment in terms of really enlightening information and very powerful techniques. And if after the Master Class you don’t feel you have, I’ll refund your fee in full.
Two MDM Master Classes April 2017

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I look forward to connecting to you in my next MDM post in a couple of day’s time, in which I’m going to talk about really innovative ways looking at Product in MDM. And explain how, if you model Product correctly, it can be very, very powerful.

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